Aurora company

Liability company “Aurora“ was founded in 1898 in Ploiesti with a capital of 150,000 francs. In 1899, Romanian international oil company in Amsterdam has merged with Aurora, which the store name, moved its headquarters in Bucharest, currently Paleologu street, and increases its capital to 6.5 million francs. The company held a refinery in B─âicoi, which can process up to 900 tonnes of oil per day, and another in Targoviste.The company used at 1900, 282 cars and 89 reservoirs have a capacity of 34,987,000 liters. The capital account was in 1900, the sum of 1,420,899 francs, and in 1906, 7,699,680 francs. Dividends paid were 5.50% in 1900 to 7.87% in 1904 and 6% in 1905.