Prahova Valley oil refineries during WW2-part 1

Ploiesti, Romania. August 1, 1943. Oil storage tanks at the Columbia Aquila refinery burning after the raid of B-24 Liberator bombers of the United States Army Air Force. Some of the structures have been camouflaged.
Ploiesti, Romania, was bombed Aug. 1, 1943, by a large force of B-24s which came in at smokestack level, braved oil and bombs exploding close beneath them to hit refineries, tanks, cracking plants-Astra Romana refinery

Ploiesti Columbia Aquila Refinery-1943.
The Concordia Vega oil refinery after the hit.
The Ploesti Oil Refineries were notorious targets because of the heavy German AA fire and losses inflicted on the AAF. This photo shows the result of several bombing raids. Oct 4, 1944.
Creditul Minier oil refinery under attack.
Ploiesti oil refineries.

Ploiesti, Romania was the prime oil-producing city in Nazi controlled Romania and as such was critical to the German war machine. The Allies had in fact bombed Ploiesti in June of 1942 but this raid was relatively ineffective so renewed planning began in January of 1943 for a substantial raid on the Ploiesti oil refineries. The Germans also realized Ploiesti's value and set out to defend it accordingly with almost 120 88mm guns, 150 rapid fire 20mm and 37 mm cannons, wing-severing and target obstructing barrage balloons, in addition to three Luftwaffe fighter squadrons as well as Romanian fighter aircraft. Led by Col Walter Stewart's Bomb Group, 54 out of the 178 bombers that participated in the raid were lost and another 58 were damaged. The Allied losses were so high in the operation that it would be nicknamed "Black Sunday".
Romania refineries under american attacks:August 1,1943.
Campina : Steaua Română ( "Target RED")
Ploiesti : Romana Americana ("WHITE I")
Ploiesti : Concordia Vega ("WHITE II")
Ploiesti : Standard Petrol Block, Unirea Speranta ("WHITE III")
Ploiesti : Astra Romana, Unirea Orion ("WHITE IV")
Ploiesti : Columbia Aquila ("WHITE V")
Brazi : Creditul Minier ("Target BLUE")
The most costly attack of U.S.Airforce in WWII

Creditul Minier oil refinery in Ploiesti(1940)-the actual name is Brazi refinery.
Creditul Minier oil yards-1940.

Close-up of bomb which dropped next to oil refinery.

Creditul Minier oil storage tanks next to railroad yard of tank cars filled with oil bound for Germany to fuel Hitler's war-1940.

Creditul Minier employee in railroad yard filling tank cars with oil bound for Germany to fuel Hitler's war.

Oil bound for Germany to fuel Hitler's war waiting in German tank cars (labeled with American Essolub and British Shell logos) in Romania-owned Creditul Minier oil yards in Ploiesti-1940.

Creditul Minier railroad yard w. train of German tank cars loaded w. oil bound for Germany to appease Hitler's great need for oil during his war campaign-1940.
Creditul Minier oil refinery under atack.

Overall view of Romano-Americana oil refinery.

Birdeye view of Romana-Americana oil refinery.

Oil tankers at Romana-Americana oil refinery.

Astra Romana oil refinery.

Steaua Romana,Campina oil refinery