Oil eruption at Campina oilfield-old postcards

Campina, Bucea oilfield, 1932.

Campina - Schela Bucea - Oil well eruption in 1911.

Oil eruption-Campina,Romania.
Steaua Romana oil wells.
The true economic enthusiasm manifest with the first modern oil exploitation, made after 1880 by Dumitru V. hernia, an individual entrepreneur, now considered "pioneer" for Campina oil. In the south of the city, on the set Gahita and Bucea will appear numerous wells and operating wells in which, at first, is extracted daily 7-8 tons of oil. Income derived i will make a fabulous wealth of Hernia until 1885, the year of his death. A year later the first refinery built appeared in Campina and other entrepreneurs, and foreign capital was not left long awaited.In 1887 it started digging wells by mechanical means. A major oil company which has influenced the destinies of Campina was Astra Romanian (capital Roman Anglo-Dutch Shell subsidiary of the corporation) founded in 1910, the year the largest oil production of scaffolding Campina (333,382 tonnes), the scaffolding being one of the best known in Europe.Capitalist interwar period represented the most important economic progress of the city until then.Industrial units have been modernized and Central Workshops, producing equipment for oil, was introduced in 1929, drill for domestic gas and oil processing industries became the main activity (in 1936 Refinery processed 1,360,000 tonnes).Crisis years of 1929-1933 affected Campina economy and World War II ended the industrial age "black gold", development and scaffolding being bombed by the allies.
Eruption at well no.23 Steaua Romana
Campina-oil gusher at Gahita oilfield in 1918.
Campina-Moreni,petroleum eruption in 1914.
Massive petroleum eruption formed an oil lake.
Steaua Romana-Campina(1906) well nr.45.
Steaua Romana oil well in eruption at Campina in 1920.
Well in eruption at Campina drilled in Rotary system.
Oil eruption at well 27 Campina,Romania.
A ferocious fire oil well at Campina