Oil companies at Moreni

Les sondes de Moreni.
Astra Romana-dutch capital-” Royal Dutch Shell” from "Astra"and "Regatul Român"society conjunction existing from 1910 until 1948. 
Concordia-conjunction from ”Telega Oil ”and ”Bustenari”society with belgian society existing from 1907 until 1948. 
Colombia -Romanian-French petroleum society owned by ,,Omnium International de Pétrol” existing from 1905 until 1948. 
Creditul Minier-existing from 1919 until 1948. 
I.R.D.P.-romanian capital-”Industria Română de Petrol ”existing from 1920 until 1948. 
Moreni-Ghirdoveni . 
Moreni-Tuicani -”Exploitation Petrolifère Armand Taubés ”. 
Redeventa-existing from 1918 until 1948. 
Regatul Român-german and romanian capital existing from 1905 until conjunction with ,,Astra”. Româno-Americană -american capital owned by ”Standard Oil Co. ” existig from 1904 until 1948. Stavropoleos-Moreni Oil Prop. -belongs to ”Unirea”society with english capital existing from 1922 until 1948. 
Steaua Romana- first appearance in 1895 . 
Standard Oil Company New Jersey in Europe. The Romanian oil filds begginig production in 1857,are the older commercial fields in the world,antedating those of rhe United States by two years.Here the only American company operating was Standard Oil of New Jersey.In 1905 organize the Romana-Americana(*Romana-Americana* Societate Anonoma pentru Industria,Comertul si Exportul Petrolului) which,by 1928,had assets of more than 18 million $.It has its own electric power plant,and ownes a reservoire at Constanta,connected by pipeline with Moreni.In 1929 company produced 426540 tons of petroleum.The Romana-Americana was holds a block of 150000 shares in the romanian company Creditul Minier,the largest domestically organized producer,and as a result of negotiations in 1928 it acquired 49 drilling rights from the Subsolul Roman company.It was operates the Aurora Company on lease and it purchased in 1926 nine small company and negotiated for the acquisition of the Phoenix Oil and Transport Co.,Ltd.Rated solely on the basis of its own productions it operates 30 wells,and produced in 1929 about 10% of the Roumanian total(outranked by the Shell Oil and Romano-Anglo-French(Steaua-Romana) combines).The production of the Phoenix,Romana-Americana and Creditul Minier companies together totaled 27% of the Roumanian output which,in 1929,amounted to 4.8 million tones. For the first time in petroleum industry in Romania: 1907 The Romanian-American Company drilled in Moreni the first Rotary-system well (Speranta well). 1921 The testing of the gas-lift extraction system at the “15 AR” well, in Moreni, by ASTRA ROMANA. 1926 The first use of the preventer at 100 AR Moreni well by ASTRA ROMANA.
1927 The construction of gas pipeline between Moreni and Floresti-15 Km by Steaua Romana.
1928 The construction of gas pipeline between Moreni and Ploiesti by Astra&Steaua Romana.
1931 The first gas injection at Dacian Moreni oil fields.
Romanian Petroleum Statistics-1936
Steaua Romana, Moreni oil company. Iliana oilwell coin.
Monde Et Voyages Larousse. N°170 Du 01.02.1938 Sondes Petrolieres A Moreni ,Valachie