Colored postcards from the past

 Arthur oil wells from Arbanasi, Buzau.
 Campina petroleum field - Romania interwar time
 Jean Ganz oil extraction at Baicoi, Prahova
 Moinesti - Steaua Romana oil wells
 Oil hundug wells in Bustenari, Prahova.
  Tintea oilfield.
In the oilfield at Arbanasi, Buzau.

Colibasi oil wells

General view of Colibasi oil wells.

Historical photo - Oil extraction under communism

Oil well near Ploiesti, Romania
 12 October 1956

Oil industry at the beginning

 Cleaning sand from an wooden oil tank
 Extraction of oil with a large bucket from an hand dug well
 Gathering oil
Loading from the oil tankers

Oil well blast

Inside a drilling rig

Oil well in drilling at Baicoi, Prahova.

Hiemesch - Moreni oilfield photos

 Oil wells in flames at Moreni
 17 July 1914
 Photo by Hiemesch
  Fallen wooden derrick
Photo by Hiemesch 
Womens cleaning the oil pits
Photo by Hiemesch 

Cricov oilfield

Moreni. Cricov. View from West to East

Drilling for oil at the Moreni

Drilling for oil at the Moreni field with high-speed drills. Agerpres 1963

1926 Moreni oil well

Romania - Campina ( Prahova ) - Bahnhof oil

Romania - Campina ( Prahova ) - Bahnhof oil
 Photo by St. Olteanu