Prahova Valley oil refineries during WW2-part 2

Damage to Concordia Vega Refinery knockedout by the bombers of 15th strategic air force .
The germans tried frantically to keep the Ploiesti oil fields running, but the fierce allied air attacks kept most of the 15 refineries in the Ploiesti complex inactive .
The laboratories of Creditul Minier refinery, most modern of yhe Ploiesti group, were wrecked by the low level raid on August 1, 1943.
The twisted wreckage of pipes and tanks stretches from one edge of the refinery area to the other at Astra Romana, one of the refineries of thr refineries of Ploiesti wrecked by bombers of the 15th air force .
This pictures shows the blast damage from a bomb dropped on Creditul Minier refinery in August 1, 1943, also efforts to repair the damage .