07 September 2009

Drilling activities in Moreni, Romania

Anton Raky and his Company "Societatea Campina-Moreni", 1906
From 1898 to 1907, at times with over 100 drilling rigs in action, the Internationale Bohrgesellschaft AG bores a total depth of over 1 million meters, almost 200000 meters of these in just one year. His activity is so successful that the company sometimes distributes dividends of up to 500 percent. In 1901, he founds a company “for exploitation of the Raky system”. In the same year, he steps up his drilling activities in Romania where, in 1904, he opens up the Moreni oilfield. In 1904, together with the Schaaffhausen’sche Bankverein, “Petrolium AG Campina Moreni” is founded in Bucharest. Raky does not only strike oil in Moreni, but in Campina as well, where the boreholes of the IBG are sunk to an unusual depth of 800 meters. One success follows another. In 1905, Raky combines his Romanian enterprises to form the “Regatul Roman”.

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