19 June 2018

Colored postcards from the past

 Arthur oil wells from Arbanasi, Buzau.
 Campina petroleum field - Romania interwar time
 Jean Ganz oil extraction at Baicoi, Prahova
 Moinesti - Steaua Romana oil wells
 Oil hundug wells in Bustenari, Prahova.
  Tintea oilfield.
In the oilfield at Arbanasi, Buzau.

Colibasi oil wells

General view of Colibasi oil wells.

Historical photo - Oil extraction under communism

Oil well near Ploiesti, Romania
 12 October 1956

Oil industry at the beginning

 Cleaning sand from an wooden oil tank
 Extraction of oil with a large bucket from an hand dug well
 Gathering oil
Loading from the oil tankers

Oil well blast

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