Old gas station in Romania

PECO stations in the 90s
Old PECO gas station from Neptun in 1990. 
PECO stations in the 80s
Old PECO gas station from communist era. Romania 1981.
PECO stations in the 70s
Buhusi Peco station
Peco gas station at Mamaia
PECO stations in the 60s
Old Bus Skoda Karosa 1963, gas station at Autobaza Nordului, Bucharest, Romania
Bucharest PECO gas stations in 1963.
 Old Peco station in Romania,1962.
Gas station in Gheorghieni
Gas station in Bucuresti closed to Ambasador Hotel, 1962
Old gas station in Bucharest-Romana Square 1960
Gas station in Oradea during the communist period.
Gas stations in WW2
Gas station in Reghin
Interwar gas stations 
Interwar gas station in Bucuresti near Lido Hotel.
Sibiu Union Square - at the gas station .
Gas station in Bucuresti,1925.
Gas station in Bucuresti,1927.
Unirea Gas Station,Bucuresti,1929.
Gas station,Matache Market,Bucureasti .
Ploiesti gas station and fuel tankers OSIN .
OSIN fuel station .
Romania 1942 Osin gas station 
Sinaia, Romania. Osin gas station 
Oil shop KARL KUGLER C - S.I.N.C. 
Bucuresti OSIN Distributia ,1937.
Gas station Mihaescu Garages,Bucuresti, during WW II 
Distributia - Osin gas station. Bucursti 1937.
Interwar gas station in Bucharest
Interwar gas station in Aiud