Creditul Minier oilfield at Pascov-Moreni

Creditul Minier oil wells. Pascov - Moreni area.

Petrolul Romanesc - Moreni workshop

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Intergrup. Petrolul Romanesc - Moreni workshop.
Old photo founded after a house sell in Moreni. Is showing 
oilmen in front of a interwar oil company workshop in Moreni area. The picture is a "story". 
Special thanks to Chitu family.
Old house from Schela Mare -Moreni.
Above enter the coating started to fall and exposed the same company name.

Oil wells in Moreni area. Colored photo.

Oil wells in Moreni area. Colored photo.

Wooden derrick from Moreni

Oil extraction. Wooden derrick from Moreni. Colored photo.

Colored photo of 160 RA flames

Oil well eruption 160 RA Tuicani-Moreni in 1931