06 November 2017

German cigarette card

Front and reverse of a German cigarette card 
showing a burning oil tank scene from Romania - WW I. 
Special thanks to Jeff Spencer,
 President of Petroleum History Institute.

02 November 2017

Moinesti. Oil well in 1929

Moinesti. Oil well in 1929

31 October 2017

Remember - 100 years ago...

Evening Capital News, January 09, 1917, Page 2

Campina hand dug oil wells

Romanian offshore oil industry

"Dobrogea Noua" 
9 Mai 1987

10 October 2017

Drilling for gas in Transilvania

Drilling for gas in Transilvania

07 October 2017

Romanian old oil theme postcards

Old postacards from Campina & Baicoi

15 September 2017

Gusher in flames. Night vision.

Moreni. Oil eruption in flames. 
Night vision.

Postcard with 160 Romano-Americana burning

Postcard with 160 Romano-Americana burning

Oil well in intervention

Special operation on an oil well in Romania in the '30s

Oltenia oil industry

Oil industry in Oltenia in the '60s
Special thanks to Rador ( owner of the photos )

Pascov burning oil wells

Creditul Minier & Astra Romana oil wells burning at Pascov oilfield on 05.02.1928
Special thanks to Rador ( owner of the photos )

31 August 2017

Oil well blast - drawing

160 RA blast

17 August 2017

Oil and wells

Moreni oilfiled. Interwar period. Stefan Olteanu photos.

Drilling for oil in 1926

Wooden derricks at Moreni

07 July 2017

Die oelfelder von Bustenari

Concordia oil well

Concordia oil well before the blast. Moreni, 1911

Bustenari petroleum field

Baicoi oil extraction

Baicoi oil wells in 1904

21 June 2017

"Eruptia sondei no. 12"

Gusher at Campina. Well no.12 Steaua Romana

"Marele incendiu din Moreni"

Adevărul, 36, nr. 12132, 15 august 1923

12 June 2017

Campina Rumänien Sonde

1 9 1 0

31 May 2017

Ploiesti oil wells in 1941

Ploiesti oil wells in 1941.

15 May 2017

Medias burning gas well

By courtesy of my friend, Jeff Spencer
President of the Petroleum History Institute.

12 May 2017

"Regatul Roman" oilfield at Moreni

"Regatul Roman" oilfield & wells at Moreni in 1911

02 May 2017

''Regatul Roman'' oil wells at Moreni

Old colored postcard. Moreni oil field.

20 April 2017

Oil well 5501 MP Piscuri Nord

Oil well 5501 MP Piscuri Nord in 1996

13 April 2017

Petrol Block Society

Baicoi oil field. Prahova County

24 March 2017

Oil industry warehouse

Workers at oil society Astra Romana warehouse in 1912

Oil field postcard

Moreni oil field in the winter.

09 March 2017

Oil wells in Campina, Prahova

Oil wells in Campina, 1918.

08 March 2017

Campina Olfeld

Oil wells on Prahova Valley, Campina

21 February 2017

Guarding the Moreni oil filed

German Soldaten in Baracke Lager
Moreni, Rumänien, 1941
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