Rotary drilling in Romania in 1939

Ploiesti oil well in drilling, Baicoi- Seciu area. 
The movie was made in 1939.

Luftwaffe unit defending the petroleum region

October 1940, the first Luftwaffe unit moved to Romania to defend the petroleum region. The scenes are filmed from a Ju-52 and the jet fighters are Me 109 model.

Oil tankers

 Aus dem Erdolgebiet. Petroleum-Zuge ( Viktoria-Zuge )
Colombia oil tanks for white products.
 Creditul Minier railroad yard w. train of German tank cars loaded w. oil bound for Germany to appease Hitler's great need for oil during his war campaign in 1940.
 Oil bound for Germany to fuel Hitler's war waiting in German tank cars (labeled w. American Essolub and British Shell logos) in Romania-owned Creditul Minier oil yards in Ploiesti in 1940.
 Oil tankers Concordia.
 Oil tankers Concordia. Willy Pragher photo.
Oil tankers Romano-Americana.

Oil installations burning

Romanian oil installations burning after Russian bombing in 1941. Russian Ploiesti small scale air raids from July 9 to August 18, 1941.

Moreni oil colony

Creditul Minier and Foraky colony on Bana hill. 
Oil well and tanks can be seen in this old postcard from 1925.

Astra Romana Moreni assets

In this photo taken in 1935 it can be seen Park 2 Astra Romana, oil rig 21 Astra Romana and society  workshops - all in use even today.

Conquered oil fields in Romania - 2

 Aus dem Erdolgebiet. Petroleum-Zuge ( Viktoria-Zuge )
 Aus dem Erdolgebiet. Zerstorier petroleumbehalter der amerikanischen erdolgesellschaft in Ploesti
 Aus dem erdolgebiete.
 Campina Petroleum-Sondem in Tale der Prahova
Aus dem erdolgebiete. Sonde in Campina in 1918

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Oil wells on Cristianu & Pleasa hills

Oil wells on Cristianu & Pleasa hills. Moreni interwar picture.

Steam boilers in Moreni

Steam boilers in Moreni oilfield for industrial use. 
Pictures taken in the 60s.