06 June 2014

Oil mines

Derna Tataros, Bihor bitumen mine in 1923.
Zielinski Wladislaw and his companions at 
Sarata Monteoru oil mine in 1932.

Early oil exploitation

Oil exploitation with "hecna cu cal" system.
 Oil pits in 1907.
Digging an oil well in 1907.

05 June 2014

Interwar romanian oil activities

 Petrol Block oil society. Bordeni oilfield in 1923.
 Oil refining in 1934.
 Romanian oil wells in 1934.
 IRDP oil wells at Moreni in 1923.
Oil separation in wooden tanks. Tank farm at Pascov in 1927.
Creditul Minier wellhead gas separator. Pascov oilfield, Moreni 1927.
 Creditul Minier oil wells in 1923.
 Petroleum tanker in Constanta harbour, 1934.
 Cricov oilfield in 1927.

04 June 2014

Campina gusher wells

Well no.12 Steaua Romana in eruption.
 Well no.34 Steaua Romana in eruption.
Well no.42 Steaua Romana in eruption.
Well no.65 Steaua Romana in eruption.
Well no.65 Steaua Romana in eruption.
Campina gusher.
Well no.3 Stefanescu & Co in eruption.
Prahova Valley gusher.

Prewars oil wells on Prahova Valley

Poiana Campina oil wells.
 Baicoi oil wells.
 Baicoi, Mislisoara oil wells.
Baicoi, Stejar oil wells.
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