Petroleum in Romania in 1930

A gusher at Ochiuri belonging to the Creditul Minier Co.
A well at Boldesti, belonging to the Astra Romana Co.
Baicoi oilfield belonging to the Concordia Company ( Petrofina )
General view of the Astra Romana refinery at Ploiesti.
General view of the cracking plant at Campina.
 Steaua Romana Company.
General view of the
Dacia Romano Petroleum Syn.Ltd. refinery at Ploiesti
General view of the Gura Ocnitei oilfield, belonging to the
Sondrum Co.(Hamiltons Oil Concession Ltd. )
 General view of the refinery Xenia belonging to the
Romano-Africana ( Service Petroleum Co. Ltd. )
General view of the Vega refinery ( Petrofina ).
 Interior of a well in course of drilling by the Rotary system.
Moinesti oilfield in Bacau district belonging to the
 Steaua Romana British Co. Ltd.
 Moreni oilfield. 
Ochiuri - Creditul minier oilfield.
 Oil tankers in the port of Constanta.
 Partial view of the refinery belonging to the
Dacia Romano Petr.Synd.Ltd..
Runcu oilfield-well no.5
Unirea-Phoenix&Transport Co.Ltd.
The refinery at Targu-Mures belonging to the
Creditul Minier Company.
The refinery Aurora, Baicoi, belonging to
Creditul Minier Company.
View of the Albanasi oilfield belonging to the
Romano-Belgiana de Petrol Company.
View of the Gura Ocnitei oilfield belonging to the
Sirius Co. ( Petrofina ).
Well no.1 Prahova Co. at Razvad-Ochiuri.
Wells no.129, 119, 150, 131 and 151 of the Tintea oilfield
 and gas exhauster shed belonging to 
Unirea-Phoenix&Transport Co.Ltd.