07 December 2014

Bustenari - early oil industry

Montée d'une chaudière à Bustenari - 12 Mai 1904.

02 December 2014

160RA - the torch of Moreni

The slopes of the hills, were plainly visible ; oilwells derricks,hamlets and houses could be picked out as easily as at mid-day; and in the centre of this wild, flood-lighted saucer was 160 RA inferno.

16 November 2014

Keep the flame alive..

Somewhere in interwar Romania..

11 November 2014

Petroleum industry postcards

Gusher in action

"Petrolea" Oil Society - well no.1 
in eruption at Moreni in 1924.

Walachei Ölfeld Bohrtürme

WK1 Ostfront Câmpina Rumänien Walachei Ölfeld Bohrtürme
 K.u.K Foto WW1 1918

10 October 2014

Oil well - blast and flames

Oil well no.18 Campina, Romania -16.08.1925

08 October 2014

Campina petroleum exploitation

Campina petroleum exploitation.

07 October 2014

Interwar romanian oilfields

Interwar romanian oilfields.

03 October 2014

Moreni oil lake

Oil lake and wooden derricks at Moreni in 1933.

12 September 2014

An oilfield at Bustenari

Bringing to the surface the riches that lie under romanian soil.
"Next to wheat and corn that flourish on her fertile plains, Rumania's greatest source of wealth is petroleum, which is found in Moldavia, east of the Carpathians, and in Wallachia, south of the Transylvanian Alps. In this photograph we see some of the derricks erected over the wells at Bustenari in Wallachia. The oil is conveyed through a huge pipe to Constanza, a port on a Black Sea where there are great refineries, and from there it is shipped to other lands. With its oil-sodden ground and its derricks, a petroleum field is very ugly"

11 September 2014

Tubing noodles

Well no. 2402 Gliganu in 1976
 400 meters of Ø 2 3/8" tubing blow out of well by a major eruption.

Astra Romana wooden derricks

Astra Romana wooden derricks in Campina.

03 September 2014

War ! What is it good for ?

Armoured personnel carriers Sd.Kfz. 251 from 16 Panzer-Division in Romanian Oil Fields.

01 September 2014

Ash Valley

Moreni, 1910.

13 August 2014

Ploiesti - oil well pumping

Oil well pumping. Ploiesti, Romania 12 October 1956.

05 August 2014

Campina wooden derricks

Campina oil wells.

04 August 2014

Romania oil center - Moreni

Moreni oilfield view from Schela Mare

31 July 2014

Constanta oil terminal

Constanta oil terminal in 1939.

24 July 2014

Some wooden derricks

15 July 2014

Gura Ocnitei oil wells

Gura Ocnitei oilfield.

03 July 2014

Gahita gusher

Oil well gusher. Gahita, Campina, 1907. 

06 June 2014

Oil mines

Derna Tataros, Bihor bitumen mine in 1923.
Zielinski Wladislaw and his companions at 
Sarata Monteoru oil mine in 1932.

Early oil exploitation

Oil exploitation with "hecna cu cal" system.
 Oil pits in 1907.
Digging an oil well in 1907.

05 June 2014

Interwar romanian oil activities

 Petrol Block oil society. Bordeni oilfield in 1923.
 Oil refining in 1934.
 Romanian oil wells in 1934.
 IRDP oil wells at Moreni in 1923.
Oil separation in wooden tanks. Tank farm at Pascov in 1927.
Creditul Minier wellhead gas separator. Pascov oilfield, Moreni 1927.
 Creditul Minier oil wells in 1923.
 Petroleum tanker in Constanta harbour, 1934.
 Cricov oilfield in 1927.
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