20 April 2012

Baicoi - hand dug oil wells

Baicoi ,Prahova Romania - oil rig lake fuel pollution .In the right it can be seen exploitation of  hand dug oil wells with pulley and hecne with horse ( 1918 ) .

14 April 2012

Campina gusher

Prahova Valley,Campina - oil gusher at well nr.34 .

11 April 2012

Creditul Minier Refinery

Plant of Creditul Minier Refinery at Brazi, Romania,1939 .

08 April 2012

Wells on fire


In the oilfield...

 One of the drilling rigs at Ploiesti, Romania on Dec. 13, 1946. In foreground are the mud pumps. The lower part of the derrick is boarded up for protection.
This is a typical tank farm with oil and gas separators seen at Moreni, one of the fields near Ploiesti, Romania on Jan. 13, 1946.
 A typical Romanian oil driller He is working one of the controls of the engine spinning the drill .
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