18 December 2011

Ticleni oilfield

In June 1948, Company "Creditul Minier" from the Site Bălteni open the drilling activities with well no. 1 Creditul Minier ( projected depth of 2000 m).The drilling has been stopped and the well was abandoned at 927 m, due to technical difficulties. When the first wells were put into production and confirmed certainty rich deposit of oil, heat engines was still used at isolated drilling wells but in Ţicleni and Bălteni, their role was replaced by steam power from the batteries of boilers that run on natural gas produce by wells. A battery of boilers provided steam for more drilling rigs in a certain drilling area. After 1953 the number of boilers batteries for drillings wells to be dug with steam soared so that Ţicleni oilfield was immersed in a steam fog, infernal noise.
''Petroleum is the backbone of Rumanian industry and of the country’s general economy.In the peak pre-war year of 1936 production ran at 8,700,000 tons,but in the immediate post-war years it amounted to only half this,but it is now claimed that with the discovery of new oilfields production has recovered and in 1961 reached the new peak of 11,582,000 tons''-
source Agerpres ,1963.
Through the Gorj district of Romania. Ticleni, 1968.

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