25 September 2011

Moreni oil center

Photo of Moreni ,Romania Oil Fields. Photo dated Feb 18, 1939. It shows the oil fields in Moreni, Romania that the Germans said they intended to seize .

Oil eruption on fire

Oil well nr.26 on fire - Regatul Roman Society,Moreni

14 September 2011

Moreni oil Tanks

 Regatul Roman oil deposit in the S-V side of Moreni ( photo from 1912 )
 Oil deposit Regatul Roman - view from Tuicani Plateau
Regatul Roman oil tanks , Park 2 Astra Romana and Astra Roman Workshops
The end of Regatul Roman in Moreni -  oil tanks scrapped

Campina Oil Refinery

Steaua Romana oil refinery at Campina in 1966.

06 September 2011

160 RA fire

Moreni oilfield under the light of 160RA well ferocious fire

Bustenari oilfield

Bustenari,Romania - oilfield with wooden derricks
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