Moreni oil center

Photo of Moreni ,Romania Oil Fields. Photo dated Feb 18, 1939. It shows the oil fields in Moreni, Romania that the Germans said they intended to seize .

Oil eruption on fire

Oil well nr.26 on fire - Regatul Roman Society,Moreni

Moreni oil Tanks

 Regatul Roman oil deposit in the S-V side of Moreni ( photo from 1912 )
 Oil deposit Regatul Roman - view from Tuicani Plateau
Regatul Roman oil tanks , Park 2 Astra Romana and Astra Roman Workshops
The end of Regatul Roman in Moreni -  oil tanks scrapped

Campina Oil Refinery

Steaua Romana oil refinery at Campina in 1966.

160 RA fire

Moreni oilfield under the light of 160RA well ferocious fire

Bustenari oilfield

Bustenari,Romania - oilfield with wooden derricks