Campina oilfield

Campina oilfield in 1914.

Moreni oilfield

Moreni petroleum field.

View over the Cricov Valley-Moreni oilfield,1932.
Wooden oil wells on Tuicani Plateau,1927.

Oil wells in Pascov,Moreni,1922.
Closing an oil well from the distance -Moreni,1940.
Intervention in oil well .
Tunnel dug fighting and capture oil well 298AR - Moreni.
Moreni wooden derricks.
Rumänien Moreni Sonden Ölfelder.
Ölfelder in Moreni,Rumänien.

Intervention in oil well .
Oil wells on Tuicani, Moreni in 1927.

Campina Workshops&Refinery

Campina,Romania-Regatul Roman workshops in 1930.
Campina refinery in 1924.

Electrical measurements inside the derrick.

Gura-Ocnitei, Romania, in 1935.
The measurement of resistivity and spontaneous potential required two recorders that can be seen here, with a blower, inside the derrick.

Winch intervention


Universal S 650
Unshoe winch
Old intervention winches.
One of the last remaining ...

Moreni-Aspect des sondes

Roumanie,Moreni-Aspect des sondes in 1927.