Moreni oil field - old photos and postcards

A Romanian welth-oil wells at Moreni(interwar period).
Oil wells in the district Stavropoleos from Moreni.
Pascov Valley oil wells(original photo from Mr.Daniel Paun-Moreni).
Oil well with wooden towers in Moreni,Romania.
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Pascov oilfieds.
Astra Romana Workshops-Moreni,Prahova
Oil wells on Tuicani Plateau.
The oil well in the middle of Moreni.
Section two of the oil company Astra-Pascov,Schela Mare. Schela Mare(Pietris) oil wells,Moreni,Romania. Cricov.Creditul Minier.Moreni Prahova (from Tuicani to Bana hill). Overview of Moreni oilfield.
Oil deposit(The old ”Regatul Roman”)
Moreni(A.I.Cuza street).

Moreni,Pascov-view from the south to nord.

Astra Oil Company Workshops from the Moreni-interwar.
Workshops and steam batteries of the Romanian-American Society.
Moreni,Prahova - drilling for oil.