Oil wells on fire

During the years 1910 and 1914 a big number of oil wells from Moreni oilfield were ignited.
Oil well number 3 Concordia ignited at Moreni,Romania in 1910.

Evening Post, Volume LXXXIII, Issue 119, 20 May 1912, Page 7
Tragic oil fire.Petroleum well No. 8 at Bana Moreni, belonging to the Roumanian Consolidated Oilfields, Limited, caught fire, and the outbreak extended to the neighboring wells belonging to the same company. They were all burnt down. Seven persons connected with the management of the company, including Mr Harold Manderson, an engineer, and brother of the well-known petroleum expert of that name, were severely burned and are in a dying condition. A large number of others were severely injured. The loss to the companv is heavy.
Lewiston Evening Journal - Nov 4, 1913
A loss estimated at $5,000,000 has been caused by fires which are spreading from one oil well to another in the petroleum district of Moreni.The fires started with explosion of a large well,and spread thru the whole valley and along the hillsides,which were soona mass of flames.over 25 wells were alight,all burning furiously.
For nearly 24 hours recently a great fire raged in the Moreni (Roumania) oil fields, doing damage to the extent of over £2 000,000 .A well caught fire one evening, as the result of an explosion. The fire spread to the neighboring wells, until 25 had caught, and the whole valley and the slopes of the hills became a sea of flames. The work of extinguishing the outbreak was exceedingly difficult,as most of the burning wells were in eruption, and it was not until the following night that the fire was got under. Nineteen wells were completely destroyed-ten belonging ,to the Romano-Americana, seven to the Astra-Romana, and two to the Colombia. The production of the Moreni district represents 60 per cent, of the total roumanian production.
New York Times July,31,1914,Friday.