Steaua Romana refinery at Campina(old postcards)

Steaua Romana oil refinery at Campina
Steaua Romana refinery in 1941.
The refinery in 1910.

The oil refinery in 1908 .
La Raffinerie de Petrole de Campina
Steaua Romana oil refinery .
Steaua Romana oil refinery in 1923.
Steaua Romana refinery in Campina,Romania-1910.

Campina-oil refinery and railway in 1924.

Oil refinery and power plant at Campina in 1920.
Modern oil exploitation and processing campinean is due largely company-owned Romanian-Austrian-French-Hungarian Romanian Star, founded in 1895 in Campina, which will build in 1897 and most modern refinery in Europe at that time . In the southern part of town and Prahova valleys and Doftanei appeared a real "forest" of wells, production exceeded, since that year, 50,000 tons annually. Extraordinary richness of the subsoil has attracted many specialists from almost all European countries. Because oil, Campina has become a worldwide known center. It was the economic landscape of the city early last century, when industrialization had left his strong mark. But modern oil exploitation has led to development of other industries.Appeared as: repair of Poiana, hydropower, thermal power plants (one of them built in 1905, the largest in the country at that time), sulfuric acid plant (1907). Campina station was built for loading petroleum products were built oil pipeline to Giurgiu and Constanta.