22 June 2009

Petroleum industry at beginings in Bustenari,Romania.

The "Oil Company Bustenari" was founded in 1902, and merged in 1907 with "Telega-Oil Society" and will form the famous company "Concordia".
Old postcards with oil fields at Bustenari,Prahova,Romania.
Romanian oil wells in winter at Bustenari(1908)
Oilfield in Bustenari,Romania,1908.
Oil wells at Bustenari in 1907.

Bustenari,Prahova-oil wells(1912).
Petroleum wells at Bustenari in 1908.
Bustenari oil field in 1905.
Bustenari,Romania,acres of oil fields-1910
Rumänien, Sondele Bustenari ( Prahova ), Ploesti.
Oil wells at Bustenari in 1912.
Bustenari-oil field in 1923.
Steaua Romana oilfield at Bustenari.
Bustenari oil wells in 1918.
Oilfield at Columbia Society in Bustenari,Romania-1929.

Oilfield at Bustenari,Romania in 1910.

Oilfield at Bustenari,Romania.

Aquilla Society oilfield at Bustenari,Romania(french&romanian).
Blow up at oil well-Bustenari.


  1. I spent a part of my early childhood there, between 1958-1961, at my grandparents. My grandfather, who was born in 1889, worked at the oil wells. At the same time, my grandma received a regular income from the oil companies, as some of the wells were located on her land.Last but not the least, my grandparents rent their cattle (oxen) for transport duties around the oilfields, for regular income also.

  2. Thanks Anonymous, that's very interesting. I wonder why Romania never got rich, like Texas etc?

  3. Thank you too, whoever you might be.I have very few pictures from that time (fifties and early sixties).That said, I will try an answer : Romania did get rich, yet not in the common sense term. My grandparents in Bustenari got five children and my mum's parents in Pitesti had six .Now this a thing of the past regarding Romanian ethnic .