Moreni petrolum industry at beginnings

Wooden derricks at Moreni(1923).
Moreni view from Bana hill(1926).

View over the Moreni wells(1926) in the north of town.

Oilfield at Moreni,Romania-1925(Pascov Valley)

Oil wells at Moreni-Pascov valley.
Oil industry transportation at Moreni hills in 1925.

Astra-Romana garages,toolmen and factorys at Moreni.
Romania is in fact the World’s oldest oil producing country with production records going back to 1854. The giant Moreni-Gura-Ocnitei field was found in 1857, holding about 750 Mb. The country, with its long history of production,ranks 32nd out of 65 oil producing countries in terms of Ultimate Recovery. A total of some 540 wildcats have been drilled, many before 1930, yielding discoveries totalling about 6.7 Gb, of which 5.8 Gb have already been produced.It is evidently a very mature oil territory with future discovery here estimated at about 300 Mb. In addition, some 55 Tcf of gas have been discovered, of which 43 Tcf have been produced, with production now running at about 475 bcf a year.