Oil extraction at Moreni between World Wars

Moreni-oil wells in 1935.

Wooden Derricks at Moreni oil field-1927.
Oill wells on Pascov Valley,Moreni,Romania

Oil wells at Moreni in 1926.
Puits de petroles a Moreni.

Oil fields at Moreni,Romania in 1933.

Moreni is well know by its oil.The first document about the drillings dates from 1691.The exploatation beging after 1880 together with the oil distileries.Between 1910 and 1913 there were 16 oil companies,romanian and foreing.In 1913 obtain the first place on oil production in the country.Until 1916 the production keeps growing,than colapses because of the first world war.In 1930 50% of oil production came from Moreni.At the begining of the economical crisis,proprieties from Moreni produced 520 thousand tones of oil per year.The production dubled in 1930.Between the two world wars,the development of the town was proportional with the one of oil industry.The developments were made from private properties leased to some german,dutch and americans firms.Americans drilled for the first time a well with the Rotary system at Moreni.
Cricov Valley-Creditul Miner oilfield.

Oil field at Moreni-PascovValley.
Moreni Astra-Romana offices.

Tuicani plateau wells.

Cezeanu Valley wells.