19 December 2017

Rare Historical Photo

Romanian oil wells at Moreni in the 20s

17 December 2017

Romanian oil wells

Photo with Romanian oil wells in the 70s.

16 December 2017

Steel derricks at Ticleni

Steel derricks. Ticleni oilfield in the 80s.

12 December 2017

Colored postcard with oil wells

Moreni oilfield in interwar period.

And the rest is history..

Moreni, Tuicani oilmen

Romano-Americana welding workshop

In the oil field

Oil well derricks in the petroleum district Baicoi in 1929

Creditul Minier oil wells

Creditul Minier oil wells at Baicoi in 1940

An oil well alight in Romania in 1910

10 December 2017

Ochiuri oilfield

Astra Romana oil wells at Ochiuri in 1924.
Special thanks to Jeff Spencer,
President of Petroleum History Institute