160 RA photographers

Olteanu photo.
Rudolf photo.
Lehmann photo.
In interwar period on the main street in the center of Campina was the famous Olteanu Photo Studio run at beginning by Stefan Olteanu and later by his son Gogu Olteanu. The activity of Stefan Olteanu started during WW1 when the city and all the oilfields from Prahova Valley where under german control. The germans issued to the inhabitants of Campina and to all municipalities from the Prahova Valley, an ID which picture. Stefan Olteanu received the monopoly to take photos for the new ID and this is how the bussines has begun. His son continued the father passion for photos and it remained for a long time the city photographer. Most of the Campina and Moreni oilfield photos and issued postcards with oil wells, refineries, eruptions and gushers from that time have been made by the Olteanu family.
Olteanu photoshop in 1925.
Olteanu photoshop in 1920.
Another emblematical figure was Rudolf Grunblatt from Moreni which captured in historical photos the 160 Romano-Americana well great eruption.
Rudolf photoshop logo.
Another photographer from Moreni was Hiemesch. See bellow a postcard from his workshop.