Pecica eruption

On May 10, 1982 a blaze at well 451 in Turnu (Pecica), produced a crater of 35 meters and the height of the ignited gas reached 70 meters. The eruptive event began Monday, May 3 and after 7 days of bad and timid technical and political actions the inevitable occurred. In the night shift worked 32 people: engineers, oil workers, foremen and soldiers. The accumulation of gas in the perimeter of the well, along with favorable weather conditions, led to a strong blast with a devastating blow. 26 people (13 civilians and 13 soldiers) died in torments, and some were burned alive. Fire-fighting operations began under the leadership of Colonel Valer Avram. To extinguish the fire, they brought turbojets with foam from Pitesti. In the meantime specialists with equipments from a chemical plant in Arad, permanent measured gas levels in the area. The wellhead flame was monitored all the time. The gas was ignited, according to a survivor,  engineer Ioan Ciupuligă at 8 am from a headlamp, located in a stable nearby.