22 April 2015

EREN ‘64

Achievement Exhibition of National Economy ( "Expozitia Realizarilor Economiei Nationale" - EREN ‘64 ). A British Pathe documentary filmed in 1964 in Bucharest. One of the most spectacular exhibits (mostly because of its lighting at night) was 3DH-200A oil rig for deep drilling produced at Plant 1 Mai Ploiesti, located on the platform for the presentation of the oil sector.

16 April 2015

Ploiesti oilfield. War moments.

Ploiesti oil wells. 
Welders working on a oil pipeline in Ploiesti region. Romania  1944.

06 April 2015

Romanian Army guarding Prahova oilfields

Officers in front of an oil well at Baicoi, Prahova.
Open pits where oil is collected.
Soldiers and oilmen working on a pipeline.
Amazing WW1 photos with Romanian Army guarding the Baicoi oilfield.

01 April 2015

Early in the past century..

Moreni - Romania

Fotos Wehrmacht Ölfelder in RUMÄNIEN

Fotos Wehrmacht Ölfelder in RUMÄNIEN
Moreni in WW 2.

A glimpse in time...

 In the oilfield. General view.
Trying to move an oil tank
 Pascov-Tuicani plateau full with wooden derricks.
Romania - Moreni - Oil extraction - 1926

Rudolf Grunblatt - Puits de pétrole en feu

Emblematical Rudolf Grunblatt Photos Of 160 Romano-Americana.

Champ pétrolifère