Brasov oil refiney

In 1851 the first oil refinery is established at Brasov by Nicolae D. Constantin. The 1872 economical crisis closed a lot of companies, but not in the oil industry. In 1879 a new oil refinery appears - „Fabrica de petrol” Brasov, with Iuliu Gmeiner owner. In 1887, refinery became property of „Societatea Anonime Siebenburger Petroleum Raffinerie Aktiengesellschaft” ( Rafinaria de Petrol Transilvaneana ). Starting with 1890, refinery had a new hungarian owner – „Societatea Mineralol Raffinerie”.  After the WW1, in 1921, the society  passed under dutch control  - „N. V. Niederlandische Petroleum Maatschappiy Photogen”, from Gravenhage.
Under the new organization it started to produce also mineral oils, paraffin, lubricants and tar cardboard. In 1922, at Brasov were two major oil refineries : Photogen - able to process 2000 tons of oil per month and „C.G. Ioannides - Fabrica de petrol Brasov”. In 1921, Brasov oil refiney exported 283 tons of benzine, and in 1927, had reached 3.181 tons. After the economical crisis from the ’30s the production dropped to 307 tons.
A report from 1933 showed that in 1930 were processed 33.530 tons of crude oil. In 1935, refinery was bought by Vacuum Oil Company and the production was mainly mineral oils and lubricants. In 1942, at this refinery 6.623 de tons of oil and 104,000 cubic meters of gas were processed. The raw oil was brought by train directly into refinery on the railroads. On the 4th of July 1944 the refinery received a huge bombardment - 300 bombs launched by the british and american joint forces and the damages were extended.
After the fire was estingushed, all the installations were damaged and 140 tanks full with different oil products were completely destroyed. From 1948, reconstructed refinery, renamed „Centrala Petrolifera Muntenia” - Rafinaria Brasov had passed under state control and function until 2001.

Moreni Ölfeld - 9. Panzer Div SchRgt 11

Moreni Rumänien - 9. Panzer Div SchRgt 11 Ölfeld 

Gang durch die Ölfelder

Kaiser Wilhelm II visiting the captured 
oil refineries at Campina, Romania.
Rumänische Front  Campina-Ploesti.
Kaiser - Gang durch die Ölfelder  1917.