Attempts to estinguish well 160 RA fire

Well no. 160RA of Moreni belonging to the "Romano-Americana" company has met at 1463 meters an intermediary stratum of gas of Meotic formation which caused a sudden and very violent eruption while the boring equipment was about to be taken out on May, 28,1929. The explosion was immediately followed by a fire. Surface and underground attempts were made to estinguish it. 
Three tunnels have been bored to reach the shaft of the well at some depth below the surface : the first one was 120 meters long and reached the shaft at 30 metrers from the surface. A second tunnel was made but 50 meters distance when it had to be abandoned on account of gases. The third one was bored over a distance of 265 meters and reached the shaft at 58 meters below surface. Technical precautions taken reduced the percentage of gases penetrating in the tunnel to 5% makeing it entirely harmless. A concrete chamber built round the shaft made possible the installation of perforating, collecting and suppressing equipment.
A very powerful eruption of gas occurred on May, 27-th, 1930, at well no.160RA, Moreni causing a violent explosion in the tunnel constructed for deviating and collecting the gases by drilling a hole in the well’s casing. Although the apparatus was erected under good conditions and the casings of 18”, 14” and 10” were perforated while water and barita were being pumped, the tunnel suddenly became flooded with gas and took fire. Owing to this tunnel fire, the hight of the flame at the top of the well decreased considerably.
Later on, the tunnel fire was estinguished and remainded only the fire at the top of the well. In spite of the fact that a year has elapsed since the well took fire, it has been impossible  to estinguish it in spite of the strenuous attempts which were made for this purpose.

Petroleum in Romania in 1930

A gusher at Ochiuri belonging to the Creditul Minier Co.
A well at Boldesti, belonging to the Astra Romana Co.
Baicoi oilfield belonging to the Concordia Company ( Petrofina )
General view of the Astra Romana refinery at Ploiesti.
General view of the cracking plant at Campina.
 Steaua Romana Company.
General view of the
Dacia Romano Petroleum Syn.Ltd. refinery at Ploiesti
General view of the Gura Ocnitei oilfield, belonging to the
Sondrum Co.(Hamiltons Oil Concession Ltd. )
 General view of the refinery Xenia belonging to the
Romano-Africana ( Service Petroleum Co. Ltd. )
General view of the Vega refinery ( Petrofina ).
 Interior of a well in course of drilling by the Rotary system.
Moinesti oilfield in Bacau district belonging to the
 Steaua Romana British Co. Ltd.
 Moreni oilfield. 
Ochiuri - Creditul minier oilfield.
 Oil tankers in the port of Constanta.
 Partial view of the refinery belonging to the
Dacia Romano Petr.Synd.Ltd..
Runcu oilfield-well no.5
Unirea-Phoenix&Transport Co.Ltd.
The refinery at Targu-Mures belonging to the
Creditul Minier Company.
The refinery Aurora, Baicoi, belonging to
Creditul Minier Company.
View of the Albanasi oilfield belonging to the
Romano-Belgiana de Petrol Company.
View of the Gura Ocnitei oilfield belonging to the
Sirius Co. ( Petrofina ).
Well no.1 Prahova Co. at Razvad-Ochiuri.
Wells no.129, 119, 150, 131 and 151 of the Tintea oilfield
 and gas exhauster shed belonging to 
Unirea-Phoenix&Transport Co.Ltd.

Oilfields maps

 General plan of the oilfields
 Gorgota-Ochiuri-Ocnita-Rasvad-Gura Ocnitei-Moreni-Ghirdoveni
Situation of Stat exploitation and exploration perimeters and Concessions granted in 1929 and 1930.
General plan of the Moreni oilfield in 1940.
Exploitation and exploration perimeters and concessions.
Bacau county - petroleum sites.
Buzau county - petroleum sites
General plan of the oilfield Boldesti-Harsa in 1938.
General plan of the oilfield
Bucsani-Comisani-Habeni in 1938.
General plan of the oilfield
Ceptura-Tg.Urlati in 1938.
General plan of the oilfield
Floresti-Baicoi-Liliesti-Tintea in 1938.
General plan of the oilfield
 Gura Ocnitei-Rasvad-Ochiuri-Gorgota in 1938 .
General plan of the oilfield
Margineni in 1938 .
General plan of the oilfield
Teisul-Aninoasa-Viforata-Targoviste in 1938.
General plan of the oilfield Valeni de Munte-Copaceni-Opariti-Scaiosi-Gura Vitioarei-Pacureti-Matita-Malaesti-Magurele-Podeni in 1938.

Ceptura oilfield

 A charcoal gasoline plant at Ceptura of Romano-Americana
 Standard Oil of New Jersey.
 General view of the Ceptura oilfield with wells
belonging to the Astra Romana.
Partial view of the Ceptura oilfield.

Arbanasi oilfield

Arbanasi – Buzau, Romania, 1917.

A moment in time

Oil derricks in the Prahova Valley in Romania in 1950s.

Aerial view of Creditul Minier refinery at Brazi

Aerial view of the huge Creditul Minier refinery at Brazi, near Ploiesti, in the heart of the Rumanian oil country, on July 24, 1938.

Oil industry in 1923

Petroleumquellen in Prahova

Petroleumquellen in Prahova. Oil derricks at Moreni Romania.

"Bogatii prefacute in fum"

Sondele 268 si 298 Pascov in flacari in 1928
 Moreni. Societatile Astra Romana si Creditul Minier
Adevărul, 41, nr. 13619, 15 mai 1928
Adevărul, 41, nr. 13620, 16 mai 1928
Adevărul, 41, nr. 13621, 17 mai 1928
Adevărul, 41, nr. 13622, 18 mai 1928
Adevărul, 41, nr. 13626, 23 mai 1928
Focul continua cu furie Adevărul, 41, nr. 13629, 27 mai 1928