15 July 2013

Moreni oilfield - old postcards

 Astra Romana oil society headquarter.
 Astra Romana Pascov oilfield.
Astra Romana Pascov oil wells.
Astra Romana Pascov oil wells.
Astra Romana workshops and pipeyard.
 Pipes stack for oil wells - Romanian - American Enterprise in Tuicani.
 Well 90 Romanian - American in eruption at Tuicani
Old pipeyard and dismantled oil tanks.
Bana section - oil pits.
Wooden derricks on Cezeanu Valley.

Bustenari workshops for oil industry

Bustenari  workshops for oil industry.

03 July 2013

Ash Valley

Moreni oilfield. Astra Romana worksite on Ash Valley.
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