31 January 2012

Moreni & Campina oilfields

View of Moreni & Campina oilfields - interwar photos.

27 January 2012

Somewhere in Romania...

Working to extinguish an oil well.
Installation  for capturing and closing the eruption.
The notorious  flame warriors .

The Drader Well in Moreni

The Drader Well in Moreni oilfield,Romania.This well was producing 20,000 barrels daily when it caught  fire(interwar photo).The extinguished of Moreni oil well fire after it had been burning for 5O days, during which damage to the ''extent of 250.000 resulted''. Many unsuccessful attempts, included the drawing of a huge bell over the mouth of the blazing well by means of chains. The fierce heat melted the chains. Finally a tunnel. 200 ft. long was excavated to the perforated bore, causing the extinction of the fire.

20 January 2012

Bohrtürme im petroleumfeld von Bustenari

'' Bustenari. Here is the blackness of desolation, relieved only by scattered wooden huts covering the Wells. You plod for hours through foul/smelling, glutinous clay, which spoils, your boots and saturates you with a stench of petroleum for many days. But you learn much about a wonderful work, which has been rapidly developed from primitive efforts Up to 1850 the produce only served for cleaning the wheels of peasants carts.Foreign companies were started in 1870, and met with disaster in every case but one. Now, however there is ample evidence of prosperity and light railways convey the oil to the coast in special tanks.''

01 January 2012

Gahita & Pitigaia oil wells

Campina-Moreni and Steaua Romana oil wells at Campina in 1906.
In the left  oil well nr.8 in  eruption at Pitigaia oilfields .
In right the Gahita oilfields can be seen .

Constanta oil tanks

Constanta, Statia de Petrol, Erdölförderung
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