Oil refinery in Ploiesti in the early 20th century

1.AQUILA FRANCO ROMANA - This french-owned refinery was constructed in the year 1907-08,and was capable of an output of 600 tons per day.It was of modern construction and endowed with all the auxiliary plant,such as rectifiers,agitators and refiners,equal to its working capacity.
2.ASTRA ROMANA - Originally a small refinery in the suburbs of Ploiesti,since taken over by dutch owners.In 1905 the plant was practically rebuilt,and it was enlarged from a working capacity of 100 to that of 1,000 tons per day. The owning company was an " offshoot " of the Royal Dutch and Shell Trading and Transport company.The refinery, was situated immediately behind the Ploiesti station,and along side the Orion,Lumina and Norris refineries.
3.ORION - This refinery,which was burnt with the Astra in 1916 was Dutch owned. Capable of working 600 tons of crude oil per day.In addition to the ordinary refining plant it possessed valuable lubricating oil works and large storage tanks.
4.LUMINA - A small refinery, also included in the large Astra destruction, with a working capacity of 80 tons per day.
5.NORRIS - A small refinery having a working capacity of 90 tons per day."Baneasa" Refinery Company bought it from its previous german owners shortly before Romania entered the first war.
6.PREDINGER - This refinery,originally belonging to a native,changed hands several times up to the year 1911,when it came under french control.It was enlarged from time to time,and was capable of an output of 120 tons per day.
7.STANDARD - This refinery was ostensibly bought in 1912 by a british company.The refinery was equipped for working 300 tons of crude oil per day,and had large storage tanks.An important lubricating oilplant was installed.
8.MITRANY - This refinery,situated on the eastern boundary of the town,was increased to a daily working capacity of 50 tons per day in 1915.Generally,the plant was old and worked by the owner for all it was worth,without renewing any parts.
9.ROUMANIAN CONSOLIDATED OILFIELDS,LIMITED - This was an old refinery having a working capacity of 25 tons per day.
10.ANGLO-CONTINENTAL - This was a new refinery,built in 1913/14,and had a working capacity of 100 tons per day and storage for 6,000 tons.
11.VEGA - This german-owned modern refinery,situated on the northern boundary of Ploiesti,had a working capacity of 1,000 tons per day,and was well designed and equipped for making the best lubricating and other special kinds of oil.The refinery and tanks covered about 40 acres.
12.ROMANO-AMERICANA - This was the largest refining plant and storage station in or around Ploiesti.In the construction of these works great care had been taken to provide against fires spreading from one reservoir to another,or to the distilling machinery.For complete destruction during the Romanian army's withdrawal in 1916 some dams, closing in the east end of the refinery,were filled with residues and fired.One hundred reservoirs were fired individually,and,finally,the installations were fired and each vessel and boiler exploded.The spectacular sight was remarkable and the heavy volumes of smoke,which stretched for some 100 kilometres or more, must have considerably inconvenienced the enemy who was then on the outskirts of the town on the windward side.The quantity of oil destroyed was 120,000 tons.
13.FRATIA - This refinery was situated in the town itself.