Buzau refineries and oil deposit destroyed during the Romanian army's withdrawal in 1916

1.BUZEU-NAFTA - A Belgian Company operating in Arbanasi. There were three reservoirs containing 4 , 5 0 0 tons of crude oil, but owing to their close proximity to the road, along which troops were passing, the oil was not fired round the reservoirs, but in previously, constructed dams some 300-400 metres distant.The reservoirs in this instance remained intact.
2.SATURN - This was a fairly important refinery with a working, capacity of 200 tons per day, and equipped for manufacturing lubricating oils.The stocks of oil and products, some.10,800 tons, were all fired in dams which had been previously built around the reservoires completeley destroing them.Small channels were cut leading into the refinery and along which oil flowed.The place was then fired and completely demolished.
3.GOLDENSTEIN - A small Roumanian refinery with a working capacity of 15 tons per day. As it was situated on the main road, which was blocked with traffic,it was decided not to fire it.The stocks of oil, 1,300 tons, were all run off, but the machinery was wrecked as the retinery.
4.GOVERNMENT DEPOSIT - This belonged to the government pipe line system and was rented out to the various companies for the purpose of accommodating them with storage. At the time of destruction there were 12,000 tons of oil stored in these reservoirs which were fired and wrecked with the exception of five reservoirs, which,not having had any oil in them could not be destroyed.
5.STEAUA ROMANA - The deposits of this german owned company amounted to 17,430 tons tons of oil from their Arbanasi field.The large 7,500 to reservoir together,with two smaller ones could not be destroyed owing to their close proximity to the road and railway station. The oil was led off through an 8-inch line to dams a kilometer distant and was fired.