Moreni-The heart of Romanian oil production

Pictures taken in 1939 on Cricov Valley.

”Forest” of oil wells in Moreni,in the heart of the rumanian oil producing belt.

Oil being extracted from hand dug well at Bustenari oil field in Romania.

Oil being brought up to the surface from a hand dug well . Two buckets running on a pulley being operated by a mule as it moves in a circle around the well.This video was taken in 1926.

Oil workers in Bustenari

Oil being extracted at Bustenari oil field in Romania in 1926.Women workers manually operate a pipe at a derrick.

Bustenari oil field

View of the Bustenari oil field in Romania,1926.
Romania,Bustenari-old postcard(1906).
Oil wells at Bustenari in 1906.

Baicoi oil field

Oil being extracted at the Baicoi in Romania-1926.
View of the Baicoi oil field. Many steel derricks at the oil field.

Burning oil tanks in Ploiesti,Romania,1944

Flames and heavy black smoke rises up from burning storage tanks in Ploiesti, Romania.A raging fire in the city among oil dumps and an oil refinery in Ploiesti, Romania. Flames and heavy black smoke rises up. German soldiers pour water on storage tanks to extinguish the fire. Water is thrown through hoses. The refinery and storage tanks burn. German soldiers move around the ruins of burned out refinery and storage tanks. Burned equipment in view.

Moreni oil wells-part 2

View of the Moreni oil center 1926. Several oil derricks. An oil rig in operation on a hill side.

Moreni oil wells-part 1

View of the Moreni oil center 1926. Several oil derricks. An oil rig in operation on a hill side.

Transportation of oil from refining center

Transportation of oil in 1926 in Ploiesti,Romania. Transportation of oil via railroad tank cars from the refining center at Ploiesti.

Moreni oil fields

Materials being transported on bullock and mule carts over hilly terrain to the Moreni oil fields in the Prahova district in Romania-1926

Oil gusher at Moreni,Romania.

Oil shoots out from a well. View of wooden field storage tanks. and wooden derricks in the background.Moreni,Romania-1926. Sand accompanies  the oil found in Rumania where bailing is universally used after the wells have ceased flowing. To increase the output the wells are swabbed. Field storage tanks are constructed of wood, reinforced with reeds.