16 May 2010

Oil wells at Bucea,Campina-old postcards.

Bucea and Gahita -A forest of oil wells in 1914.
Wooden derricks at Campina.

Campina, Bucea oilfield, 1932.
Bucea & Pițigaia oil field overview.
Campina-Moreni oil society-Pitagaia oil field
Campina - Schela Bucea - Oil well eruption in 1911.

14 May 2010

Bohrgesellachaft AG drill tower

International Society Bohrgesellachaft AG drill tower at the national exhibition in 1906.

11 May 2010

Regatul Roman oil company

Regatul Roman oilfield at Moreni,Romania.

Regatul Roman oilfield at Poiana Campina,Romania.

Campina,Romania-Regatul Roman workshops in 1930.

Oil well eruption.

Oil eruption at well number 1 Regatul Roman in 1907.

10 May 2010

Oil at Moinesti

Moinesti Schela nr.1-RPR-1963.

Moinesti-Steaua Romana oil refinery,1929.
Steaua Romana oil refinery at Moinesti,Romania.
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