Oil wells in Ochiuri,Dambovita,Romania

Field Cluster Moreni-Ochiuri oil wells in 1926.
Ochiuri-Razvad oilfield,1916.This oilfield is lying immediately east of Targoviste.Development began in 1910 and the producing area was entirely owned by the Astra Romana company, who had 3 producing wells yielding about 180 tons of oil per day and 7 drilling wells . In addition to this company the Steaua Romana owns 2 drilling wells. This field produces from a depth of from 380 to 450 metres in the Dacian formation,which is covered by Levantine beds. One water source of importance has to be shut off before running into the oil sand and the average time required for completing a well is six months. All the drilling here was done by the Canadian system. The average time indicated for drilling a well presupposes the existence of all necessary installation, tools and power, as well as skilled labour plus local knowledge of the formation. Without these essentials experts agree that at least double the time is required and it can be safely assumed that new wells, cannot be drilled in a shorter period.. It was a noticeable fact that even a small field such as this, was equipped with large numbers of steam and belt-pumps, large electric motors and steam engines and a vast amount of drilling, fishing and bailing materials and tools.