Gas industry at Sarmasel

The first Romanian and European organization in the field, ‘Erste Siebenbuergische Erdgas Aktiengesellschaft – The First Transylvanian Company for Natural Gas Conduction’ was established in 1912 at Turda, its object of activity being natural gas transmission and exploitation of Sarmasel reservoir. The company commenced the building of a 55 km long methane gas transmission pipeline with a diameter of 153 mm, from Sarmasel to Turda. The pipeline building was completed in 1914.
Methane gas transmission pipeline from Sarmasel to Turda

The necessity to regulate gas pressure upon delivery from the transmission pipeline to the distribution companies or to the industrial consumers determined the mounting of the first natural gas regulating-metering-delivery station in Medias, in 1925.Similar plants were mounted at Turda and at Campia Turzii within 1927-1928.

The dropping of the natural gas pressure in the Sarmasel reservoir led to the necessity to compress natural gas for the supplying of Turda. Thus, in 1927, the first compressor station in Europe was mounted at Sarmasel.
Well 2 Sarmasel in drilling(1909)
On the November 26, 1908, start drilling probe 2 Sarmasel.During well drilling , at a depth of 122 meters were observed first emanations of gas, as the depth grew and became increasingly violent.Thus, at a depth of 228 meters was intercepted a deposit so strong that contractor was forced to stop work because of high gas pressure. After have taken necessary safety measures, the probe continued digging until 22 April 1909, when work is stopped due to a strong and permanent gas eruptions, which dropped out of the drill rigs rolling. Depth probe at that time was 302 m, and the flow was measured to 1,000,000 m3/day, the gas pressure was estimated at 41 bar.
Gas well 24 Sarmasel
Christmas tree(Schick-Shik-Nikolsohn)mounted on a methan well to control pressure gauges, and flow of gas after the well has been drilled and completed.