11 January 2010

The largest oil fire in european history

Oil eruptions at well nr.160 RA,Moreni,Romania,1929.
May 29, 1930,Thursday -One Killed In Rumanian Oil Blast.
July 23, 1929,Tuesday -RUMANIAN OIL FIRE WORSE.After Nearly Two Months Fighters Are Driven Further Away.A Moreni dispatch today said the fire over oil wells of the Rumano-American Company, a subsidiary of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, is growing in intensity so that firemen are forced daily to work from increasing distances.
July 31,1929,Wednesday-GAS WELL EXPLODES, KILLS 2;Three Others Are Badly Burned in Blast in Rumania.Two men were killed and three terribly injured by an explosion of natural gas at the Romanian-American Petroleum company's well at Moreni which has been burning nearly three weeks.
August 4, 1929,Sunday -ROMANIAN WELL BURNS ON;Tunnel,dug to undermine fire, ineffective,experts baffled.
August 6,1929,Thursday-STANDARD OIL WELL BURNS IN RUMANIA; Mob Attempts to Kill an American Driller, Trying to Stop Fire. FLAMES DEFY ARTILLERY Outbreak at Other Wells Causes Panic in Moreni-Loss May Be $1,500,000.The heroic efforts of American engineers in
fighting the largest oil fire in European history, against odds imposed by nature and human meanness.
August 17,1929,Saturday-16 HURT IN OXYGEN BLAST.; Pipes Burst Under Heat From Burning Rumanian Oil Well.
September 3, 1929,Tuesday-Rumania Fines Oil Company For Negligence in Wells Fire.
September 22,1929,Sunday-OIL WELL TRANSFORMED INTO A FLAMING TORCH; Surrounding Rumanian Property Threatened by Blaze Which Has Burned Over 100 Days.For more than a hundred days "the torch of Moreni," a burning geyser of, oil, has, illuminated the countryside, even to the capital, sixty miles away from "Well 160, Moreni-Standard." All efforts to extingulsh the flames have been in vain so far.

A chronicle of articles publicate in The New York Times.

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