06 September 2009

The destruction of the Romanian oil wells in 1916-part 2

Remanis of oil tanks at Ploiesti destroyed by the british.
The Kaiser(third from left) visit the oil fields.

An oil well in Romania ,set ablaze by the british
The engineers put the value of the property destroyed towards the end of 1916 at thirty million pounds !A great deal of oil was pumped or run off from the reservoirs into shallow basins, where it was set on fire. It did not explode. It did not blaze up. It burned sullenly, giving off a dense black smoke. All over the country the dense black smoke rolled in sinister, slowly-moving clouds. At a place called Targoviste, twenty miles away, it was thick enough to blot out the daylight and make dark night at four in the afternoon.A nightmare lit up by huge flares of burning petrol, lakes of petrol, rivers of petrol, and always above them dense, black, stinking smoke.

The destruction of the Rumanian oil-wells as seen by a German magazine - 'Illustrirte Berliner Zeitung'

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