The destruction of Campina oil field in 1916.

CAMPINA OILFIELD,1916 - Situated immediately north of Baicoi, is also on the Ploesti-Predeal railway line. The oil field has been in production for the last thirty years and is on the point of becoming exhausted.Oil is found in the Meotic series between 300 and 500 meters. The exploitation belongs almost entirely to the German owned Steaua Romana, who here also had their refinery,the largest in Romania.The field possessed 21 drilling and 122 producing wells, and yielded a combined production of 270 tons per day.Prior to the date of destruction some 20,000 to 30,000tons of benzine had been run down five or six of the wells. Effectual plugging was carried out on these and the other wells. The average time required to drill in a new well with the percussion system is about eight months under normal conditions. The refinery, which had a working capacity of 1,800 tons per day, was completely destroyed.The stocks of oil amounting to about 60,000 tons were fired on the night of the 5th December.The refinery being situated in the centre of the town.The last work o f destruction was carried out when the enemy was actually entering the town.